Shower head
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Shower head


Brand WYWL
Style Modern
Shape Round
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Setting Type Rain, Massage

About this item

  • (Ultra Fine Water Flow and Water Saving Function) Made with high quality ABS material and a silver color design overflowing with luxury. The shower hole has an ultra-fine hole on the watering board, so the water flow is delicate and wide, and gently envelops the body of a silky body and rinses the scalp and skin clean. The watering plate has a fine grain that allows water to drain faster and increase water pressure. Efficient water saving (up to 70% water saving). Reduces water bills, gas bills, and electricity bills
  • Easy Water Flow Adjustment: 3 modes can be adjusted: Spray mode, massage mode, rain mode. 1. Spray mode: Powerful cleans away sweat and sebum from your pores. 2. Massage Mode: It achieves both strength and gentleness, making it the perfect mode for showering before sleep. Every mode gives you a special experience. The water fabric is fine and uniform, making your skin soft and comfortable. 3. Rain Mode: Flushes the entire body to relieve tension on the neck and shoulders. Release fatigue, reduce stress, and is the perfect water flow for facial wash, sensitive skin, pets, etc. You can choose the mode according to your needs
  • (Press by hand to stop) Temporarily stop the shower with a single button, and the handle switch allows you to switch the water flow to make the shower more convenient and comfortable. 360° rotation mode allows you to freely rotate the shower head up and down 48° freely. Even when you are not able to open your eyes, it is also useful for saving water. Turn the button while bathing, and you can adjust it easily and easily according to the purpose of water pressure
  • 【Easy to Disassemble and Clean】The head is removable and the head is disassembled with water pressure to wash away dirt and disassemble accumulated dirt easily. Perforated sprinklers may clog the scale if used for a long time. The inside of the shower can be cleaned for a long time
  • No Tools Required: Installation and accessories so it can be easily installed in most household showers. The adapter is standard international G1/2

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